July 27, 2008

Moving Energy

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All strong emotion is essentially physical sensations with different labels and stories. The body only has a few way of interacting with energy. The heartbeat speeds up and slows down. Breathing patterns change. Muscles tighten or release. Palms and armpits get sweaty. In fact, if you were hooked up to a machine that measures body reactions the machine could not tell the difference between excitement and anxiety. The story would certainly tell you, but the body doesn’t know the difference. One feels great and the other feels awful to the mind. To the body, it is all the same feeling. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to get the energy locked up in our bodies moving. As a child when we felt a strong emotion, we might have cried or thrown a tantrum, freeing energy. Now, as adults we tend to stuff, forming blockages. These blockages can cause pain and illness. Yoga and pranayama (breath work) are great ways to move energy.

Sometimes when we are holding a strong pose in yoga and we begin to sweat or our muscles shake, or our heart rate goes up, we get uncomfortable, because it unconsciously reminds us of tough times in our lives or strong emotions that we have felt. The same thing can occur when we lie quietly in relaxation and emotions begin to release from the practice and the moving of energy. If we possibly can, by holding the pose and using the breath we can unblock and move energy that is locked in our bodies, freeing ourselves of some stored emotional or physical pain.

This is how the practice of yoga can help heal us.

Moving Energy by Lynne Miller

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